Saturday, August 5, 2017


Mosae Zappa is the name of a festival that takes place in and around Heerlen, NL.

The first edition counted two evenings and took place in 2011. It featured Lilo, The Wrong Object, The Yellow Snow Crystals, The Beefheart Project and Tarentatec.

The second edition happened in June 2012. Ensemble Mosae, The Muze Jazz Orchestra, The Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra, Grupo Go, and Peach Noise all made an appearance.

After a bit of an hiatus, the festival returned in 2016 (with an extended crew) as Mosae Zappa 045 : one evening (plus some afternoon activities) with John's Got A Sausage, Bits From Hell, The Wrong Object, and The Foolz.

In the meantime, the team behind Mosae Zappa 045 decided that they should do more than organize a festival. Mosae Zappa 045 has the intention to promote music by organizing concerts.
Fortunately, they plug the music that I like.

September 21, Mosae Zappa 04, in collaboration with concert venue De Nieuwe Nor, will present Mörglbl and Ape Shifter.
For French guitar wizard Christophe Godin and his Mörglbl project, this will be the first date of their 3 or 4 day tour in The Netherlands. I've seen the band in concert two times and they're not to be missed.
German band Ape Shifter doesn't ring any bells with me. The clip sounds promising. They have one album out. Released last March.

21.09.2017 NL-Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor (Mörglbl & Ape Shifter)
22.09.2017 NL-Hoofddorp, Duycker (Mörglbl & Ape Shifter)


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