Saturday, August 5, 2017


  • sum of r: orga
        (2017, cd, switzerland, czar of revelations)
Swiss duo Sum Of R are Reto Mäder (guitar, bass guitar, effects, organ, drums, electronics, synthesizer) and Fabio Costa (drums, effects, synthesizer). They released their first album in 2008. It was followed by the "Ride Out The Waves" EP in 2012 and by another full album, "Lights On Water", in 2013.

Sum Of R is typified by their instrumental and dark soundtrack-like compositions.

Their brand-new release is entitled "Orga" as in 'organic' or as in 'organism'. The 11 tracks on "Orga" are dim and gloomy. Hypnotic.
The band adds : ...the listener will enter into a self-contained dimension that speaks its own language: a wordless, organic language made of pieces of an orchestral wall of sound, raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras, where spirit, body and instruments become one.

The album comes in beautiful artwork. It fits the total package.

Out on Czar Of Revelations.

As an appetizer, here's their previous album :

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