Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The place to be is called Bad Doberan (Germany), although the fun already starts in Hamburg on Wednesday...
If you can't make it, be sure to check out www.rockradio.de. They'll be broadcasting live from the festival.
If you can make it, see you in ZappaTown !!

Wednesday 12.07.2017

14h00 - at the expo in Bad Doberan : Opening exhibition
20h00 - at the St.Katharinenkirche in Hamburg : Zappa plays for Bach

Thursday 13.07.2017

at the Kamp Theater : Warm Up Party

16h00 - Zappnoise (DE)
17h15 - Dirty Feetz (EU)
18h30 - Rainer T Pappon (BR)        (Don't know if this is true ???)
19h30 - Paul Greens RockAcademy (US)
21h00 - Bad Penny

at the Kino movie theater

18h30 - Thorsten Schütte – Interview and Eat That Question outtakes
20h30 - Eat That Question

Friday 14.07.2017

at the expo room

11h00 - Chato - Lectures
12h00 - Moon Unit Zappa on Skype
13h00 - Andrew Greenaway book presentation

at the festival ground

15h00 - Theo And The WristBand (RO) – Main Stage
16h45 - Frustice (DE) – Mystery Stage
18h15 - Kazutoki Umezu "Kiki Band" (JP) – Main Stage
20h30 - The Untouchables (UK / SG) – Mystery Stage
22h00 - Paul Greens RockAcademy (US) feat. Denny Walley and Ike Willis – Main Stage
00h30 - Yellow Snow Crystals (DE) – Mystery Stage

Saturday 15.07.2017

at the expo room

11h00 - Caballero Reynaldo
12h00 - Ilse Rupert

at the festival ground

15h00 - meet and greet with Dweezil Zappa
16h00 - Polka Streng (AUT) – Mystery Stage
17h30 - Hildegard lernt fliegen (CH) – Main Stage
19h30 - Studio Dan (AUT) – Mystery Stage
20h00 - Q and A with Moon Unit Zappa on Skype
21h00 - Dweezil Zappa – Main Stage
00h30 - Caballero Reynaldo (ES) – Mystery Stage

Sunday 16.07.2017

at the expo room

11h00 - The Untouchables
12h00 - Frank Wonneberg Lectures

at the festival ground

13h00 - Arf Society Meeting
14h00 - Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL (CH) – Main Stage
16h00 - Chato! (DE) – Mystery Stage
17h45 - Studio Dan (AUT) – Main Stage
19h45 - Goodbye Session – Main Stage
21h00 - Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (DE) – Mystery Stage

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