Sunday, July 9, 2017


In 1989, jazz club 'De Kaai' opened in Brussels. One of its co-founders was guitarist and composer Pierre Van Dormael.
Every Wednesday, from 1989 to 1992, Pierre Van Dormael would take the stage with Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland to perform his compositions.
The quartet was called Nasa Na Group, later shortened to Nasa Na.
When the group broke up in 1992, Fabrizio Casso, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Stéphane Galland made a trip to central Africa to visit the AKA pygmee tribe. They returned and formed Aka Moon.

"Live 91" presents a recording of the Nasa Na Group. It's obvious that Pierre Van Dormael has a very important role. The band is playing his compositions and he's also taking the lead in the improvisations. Superb material.
And yet, the sound of the trio that would become Aka Moon is already very present.

"Live 91" is a beautiful tribute to Pierre Van Dormael. Hard to believe that this is a recording from 25 years ago.

Essential listening !!
I want to hear more !!

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