Sunday, April 26, 2015


My first encounter with Z.E.R.O. (the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra) dates back to 2014 when I heard their contribution to "Rare Episodes", an album that got compiled by Andrew Greenaway and that presented various bands and ensembles performing a number of rather obscure Frank Zappa compositions. Z.E.R.O. had added 'Variant #1" to the album, on guitar and ukulele. A friendly encounter it was.

We're one year later now and the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra has released a full album. Their first. And it's out on Cordelia Records.
The CD i entitled "Money? What Money?", and Kevin Crosby and Rupert Kettle (the dynamic duo behind ZERO) did a great job.

"Money? What Money?" features an impressive bunch of musicians. Two of the most amazing ones are Juliana Brandon and Kevin's collegue from Pojama People, Alli Bach. Both add some fine vocals to a number of tracks.
Also noteworthy (understatement !!) is the presence of Prairie Prince, drummer (and painter) who has recorded with The Tubes, Tom Waits and Phil Lesh !

Fine arrangements, great musicianship and funny as well.
What else does one need.
Essential listening!!

The album is also available through CDBaby:
(where you can also listen to some samples)

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