Sunday, April 26, 2015


Lack of time (the Force has me working in the garden and stuff...) had me talking about this release way too briefly.
Here's another attempt.

In 1977, the LAFMS = Los Angeles Free Music Society released the first of two vinyl albums that collected experimental music.
This first album had artwork by Don Van Vliet and Ace Farren Ford and included music by Smegma and The Residents to name two.
The second album (from 1980) was a 2LP set. Also with Don Van Vliet artwork and even more strange and beautiful music.

Last year, Ace Farren Ford and the Transparency label decided that time was right to continue the series. This time on CD.
Volume two includes contributions by Ju Suk Reet Meate (performing Donnie Vliet's 'Sugar n' Spikes'), Smegma, Skip Heller (!!), Rick Potts, Clown Car, the late Electric Bill Robinson and many more.
The liner notes include extra info on the artists!

Experimental !!

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