Monday, April 8, 2013


True, this message reached me about two weeks ago...

a message from Zappatika

After a 4 year stint as the hard working bassist in ZAPPATiKA, Ingo "The Kid" Oosterbaan (23) will play his last show with the band on June 8th in Stockholm when ZAPPATiKA perform at violinist Ke's wedding.
 The Kid is now deeply involved in music studies and has his eye on some new projects, so, with no animosity, but a little sadness, ZAPPATiKA will bid him farewell.

Auditions for the new Bass player begin this weekend (23 March) and the band already has a few very good potential new recruits lined up to show their skills in the rehearsal rooms.
The successful applicant will be announced as soon as a final decision has been made !

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