Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A message from the Transparancy label:

After nearly a year, the multiple disc set "SUN RA LIVE AT THE RED GARTER" is finally going to the pressing plant and will be shipped during April (next month).

Please accept my apologies for this album taking so much longer than planned to prepare. Four people ended up working on the mastering -- and there was also a lot of delay from my not knowing how to implement the original concept of putting a folder of Lee Santa's 82 photographs of the event onto one of the audio discs, to then be dragged to the listener's computer desktop.

Much simpler was the revised concept of having the 86 minutes of music be on two audio discs -- and the 82 photos being on a third data disc, so that is how the album is being pressed: three discs.

I am still not entirely happy with some of the audio quality, but am confident that the overall presentation of audio and photos is unique enough that this won't be a distraction. The audio is definitely much superior to when we first got it, and sounds far better than any collector's CD-R's of this that are floating around.

Thank you for your patience!

If anyone needs either of these, we also now have copies of Sun Ra: Live at Myron's Ballroom (1981, 3xCD) and Sun Ra: Live at Club Lingerie (1985. 2xCD) which have been out of stock for three years. Very glad to have these readily available again: Someone has constantly listed Myron's Ballroom on Amazon.com for $75. 

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