Saturday, May 7, 2011


Went to the first night of the MOSAE ZAPPA FESTIVAL yesterday.
In Maastricht.

I had never been to Maastricht before. Not that I've seen much of the place as I drove straight to the Muziekgieterij, but what I did see, looked nice.

Yesterday had Jan reciting a Beefheart poem, guitar player LiLo doing a superb Zappa set, and The Wrong Object playing a mix of original and Zappa material with special guest Ke on violin (and LiLo playing a guest guitar solo !!). Very nice.

The Muziekgieterij is a fine location. The actual club is rather small, but then again, the MOSAE didn't bring a huge crowd, so it's all OK.

It was good to see a bunch of my Zappateer friends again. Great weather, nice people, good music,... What else does one need?

The only minor thing was the noisy audience. I got the impression that only fifteen people were actually listening to the music that was being played.

DAY TWO of MOSAE ZAPPA is today. So get your shoes and socks on people, ...

Saturday - may 7
doors at 20.00 h - concert starts at 21.00 h

  • The Yellow Snow Crystals

  • The Beefheart Project

  • Tarentatec play Aufrichtiges Zappa

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