Sunday, May 29, 2011


Norwegian guitarist, composer, painter and surrealist Jon Larsen has produced a number of albums with various ex-Zappa bandmembers.

The fist one was called "Strange News From Mars" and got recorded in L.A. at Arthur Barrow's Mar Vista studio.
A follow-up album got released in 2008: "The Jimmy Carl Black Story".
And earlier this year, Jon Larsen released "Willie Nicerson's Egg", a project with Tommy Mars.

Larsen also is the man behind the Hot Club de Norvège ensemble. They have released over 25 albums to date.

Last year, Bjørn Ola Bjørntoft and Lars A. Hellebust made a documentary entitled "Jon and Jimmy", about the friendship and the collaboration between Jimmy Rosenberg (the Hendrix of Gypsy Jazz) and jazz guitarist Jon Larsen. The documentary got released on DVD in February 2010, and got broadcast on dutch television last week (May 24, 2011). Very impressive. And touching.

Here's one of my favourite Jimmy Rosenberg clips. Not from the documentary. Just a wonderful clip.

Jimmy Rosenberg - Guitar
Hady Mouallem - Violin
Renier Voet - Guitar
Simon Planting - Bass

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