Tuesday, September 24, 2019


  • the residents: the residents present alvin snow aka dyin' dog
        (2019, 5*7", germany, psychofon records)
5 x 7″ vinyl singles hosted in a 10″ box with 13 reproduced Polaroid photos. Available in 3 variations: Black, White, and Multicolored. (Take note of the photos below. The multicolored edition offers extremely varied color and swirl results. Blues is about life, and life is varied and colorful…Therefore, among the entire run of color pressings each 7″ is truly one-of-a-kind and some of the individual pieces stand drastically apart from the rest of the run.)

My package arrived today.
Haven't listened to it yet, but it looks AMAZING.
Metal, Meat & Bone - The Songs of Dyin' Dog is an upcoming album by The Residents, expected for release in February 2020 on Cherry Red/MVD. Metal, Meat & Bone will feature The Residents' interpretations of songs previously recorded in the mid 1970s by Alvin "Dyin' Dog" Snow, an obscure Louisiana blues musician who was briefly associated with The Residents' early collaborator Roland Sheehan.

In the meantime, here's James Dean, posing as a blues singer...

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