Sunday, March 31, 2019


Imagine a band releasing an excellent first, eponymous album in 2017. Two years later, that very same band releases their second album. Also eponymous.
A trend has been set.

The Universe By Ear, a trio with the most predictable line-up that one can imagine : guitar, bass and drums. The music, however, is quite something else.
Driven by Stefan Strittmatters guitar lines, the songs receive extra power from Beni Bürgin's firm drumming and Pascal Grünenfelder's pounding bass playing.
Add blending vocals and you get the unique sound of The Universe By Ear.

Powerful, melodic guitar-oriented songs with a slight hint of cosmic psychedelica. My cup of tea.

The album presents 12 tracks and has been made available on CD and on vinyl.
Out on Sireena records.

Check it out!

Here's their Bandcamp page :

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