Sunday, August 21, 2016

ZAPPANALE #27 - PART 13 - Z.E.R.O.

Our American friends from Z.E.R.O. made a very impressive appearance at the Zappanale festival, a little while ago.
Not only did they bring along their brand-new second album, they also performed at the expo in the center of Bad Doberan, and they did a dazzling show at the festival ground.

The album is called "Z.E.R.O. Tolerance" and it's excellent.
I know that I have mentioned it before but you really need to check this one out.
All compositions by Frank Zappa, but re-arranged, re-worked, and treated with a lot of respect (and humour) by Z.E.R.O.
As a bonus, it features Ike Willis (on 'King Kong').
Superb !!

Here's a short fragment of the first concert that Z.E.R.O. did at Zappanale. It's an indoor gig / at the expo room : 'Sofa' and 'Who Are The Brain Police?'. Recorded by TPS.
I was sitting next to TPS. If you listen closely, you can hear me have goosebumps.

People who supported the funding of "Z.E.R.O. Tolerance" received a CDR with various bonus material.

The CDR looks like this :

It includes a video with Ike Willis, plus some 20 demos and instrumental mixes of songs that eventually made it onto "Z.E.R.O. Tolerance".
Or not.

Here's another TPS video snippet. This time it's Alli Bach, performing Zappa's 'The Black Page', tap dancing.
And people ask me why I go to Zappanale...

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