Saturday, August 6, 2016


Tonight, August 6, 2016, the Ed Palermo Big Band will be performing at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY.
The show is entitled "Commencement Ceremony" and it something that you need to see.

There's a quite spectacular story accompanying this announcement. One that I already shared with my Facebook buddies a couple of days ago, but it does add some credibility to the above statement: this is a show that you need to see.

First, let me tell you a bit more about my unbelievable story.
Last week we went to Manhattan on a city trip. Five days. Tuesday to Sunday.
So it's Thursday, July 28. We had just done some sort of hop on hop off bus tour through Harlem and The Bronx and we wanted to go for a bike ride in Central Park (you know, tourist stuff).
As it was hot outside we first wanted to go to the hotel to freshen up a little bit. Must have been around 3 pm.
Walking down 8th avenue, in Manhattan, I saw someone with a Zappa t-shirt going in the opposite direction. I yelled "Zappa t-shirt!!" which I thought was great as I was wearing one myself as well.
And then I recognised the face above the Chunga's Revenge t-shirt. It was Ed Palermo. So I walked up to him and introduced myself...
After a short chat, Ed invited us to a rehearsal of the Ed Palermo Big Band later that very same day.
What are the odds......

A bit later that very same day, Inge and I locked the kids in the hotel room (they're 15 and 20 and had a big tv-screen at their disposal. There's no child abuse involved), and went to the rehearsal of the Ed Palermo Big Band.

Ed and the band were rehearsing the "Commencement Ceremony" concert. The show that they will be performing at the Falcon (Marlboro, NY) tonight.
Piano, violin, bass and drums were up the stage while the horn section was placed in half a cirle, facing the stage.

There were a couple of chairs in front of the stage for some students / colleagues of Ed, and a bit aside were the chairs for Inge and me.
Ed introduced us to the band and told us that we were going to have a private concert.

The rehearsal (or should I say show) was spectacular. Lots of musical mash-ups, including some superb Zappa music, and a lot of hilarious moments.

I can't give any details as that would spoil the surprise for those that will be attending the concert, but it was amazing.

Two hours of goosebumps, 21 pictures and a couple of movie snippets later, at least two very happy people left the building.
Thanks again, Ed. We had the time of our life.

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