Sunday, August 7, 2016


Zappa album #104 sheds its light on the 1974 "Apostrophe (')" album. The disc presents 15 tracks: alternate mixes and other pieces of the puzzle that were used to construct the final album.
This is superb.
Exellent liner notes by Simon Prentis on the different tracks but also on the Project/Object and on the way that FZ put together his pieces and albums.

Good job, ZFT.

Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.
Here's the tracklist :

  1. cosmik debris
  2. uncle remus (mix outtake) (frank zappa / george duke)
  3. down in the dew (alternate mix)
  4. apostrophe' (mix outtake) (frank zappa / jack bruce / im gordon)
  5. the story of "don't eat the yellow snow / st. alphonzo's pancake breakfast"
  6. don't eat the yellow snow / st. alphonzo's pancake breakfast (live)
  7. excentrifugal forz (mix outtake)
  8. enery frontier (take 4)
  9. energy frontier (take 6 with overdubs)
  10. energy frontier (bridge) (frank zappa / jack bruce / im gordon)
  11. cosmik debris (basic tracks - take 3)
  12. v don't eat the yellow snow (basic tracks - alternate take)
  13. nanook rubs it (basic tracks - outtake)
  14. nanook rubs it (session outtake)
  15. frank's last words

As a little extra, here's Lionel Hampton's 'Midnight Sun". Pay attention at 00:16.
And then listen too Zappa's 'Nanook Rubs It' from 00:10 on.

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