Sunday, April 10, 2016


  • ergo: as subtle as tomorrow
        (2016, cd, usa, cuneiform)
Ergo is an electroacoustic trio that has just released  a new album. Their first release hails from 2006 (a private release on the Actuator Records label) while the more recent ones found a home at the Cuneiform Records label.
The trio features Brett Sokra (trombone, electronics), Sam Harris (piano, keyboard), Shawn Baltazor (drums).

"As Subtle As Tomorrow" is a search in which Ergo uses avant garde jazz, electronics and slightly moving melodic lines. The result is a beautiful voyage in sounds.

"As Subtle As Tomorrow" takes its name from an Emily Dickenson poem. Actually, the poem can be reconstructed from the titles of the 7 compositions.

As subtle as tomorrow
That never came,
A warrant, a conviction,
Yet but a name.

Even more impressive is the fact that the different pieces indeed sound very poetic, very mysterious.
A remarkable concept with a beautiful result.

Released by Cuneiform

Available from Mandaï

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