Monday, November 11, 2013


Zappa Plays Zappa, the Ghent concert.

There's nothing like a fine concert to start the weekend.

Last Friday, the Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa band landed at 'De Vooruit' in Ghent. The only disadvantage of a Friday concert is that the biggest part of Belgium turns into one gigantic traffic jam every Friday. We knew, so we arrived well in advance.

As for the concert, it was great. The band played for almost three hours (not counting the 20-minute break). They started with the complete "Roxy" album and continued with a bunch of great songs, including the fabulous 'I Come From Nowhere'.
The band seemed very relaxed and it showed in the performance. One word: fabulous. Did I mention that there was some audience participation as well? People on stage, dancing to the Be-Bop Tango.
I loved it.

The concert ended with 'Muffin Man', and Dweezil sneaked in the intro of another classic in his guitar solo. Now that's what we want to hear!! Yes, humour does belong in music.


Dweezil Zappa: guitar
Scheila Gonzalez: saxophone, flute, keyboards & vocals
Ben Thomas: vocals, trumpet, trombone, percussion
Chris Norton: keyboards, vocals
Kurt Morgan: bass
Ryan Brown: drums

set one

01 - The Gumbo Variations
02 - Penguin In Bondage
03 - Pygmy Twylyte
04 - Dummy Up
05 - Village Of The Sun
06 - Echidna's Arf (Of You)
07 - Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
08 - Cheepnis
09 - Son Of Orange County
10 - More Trouble Every Day
11 - Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church)

set two

12 - The Torture Never Stops
13 - Teenage Wind
14 - Teenage Prostitute
15 - The Black Page #1
16 - The Black Page #2
17 - Flakes
18 - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
19 - Wino Man
20 - I Come From Nowhere
21 - Florentine Pogen


22 - Cosmik Debris

23 - Muffin Man

Saturday, ZpZ performed in Amsterdam.

I wasn't there, but I did receive some nice YouTube links !
Thanks to unicapb21, here's some snippets !!

'Florentine Pogen'

'Cosmik Debris'

'Muffin Man'

'Zomby Woof' with Richard Hallebeek !

'Be-Bop' audience participation

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