Saturday, July 27, 2013


Altrock Productions promotes experimental music. From free jazz over prog rock to classical contemporary music, and everything in-between.
Besides the Altrock Festival, which is held in June every year, there's also the Altrock record label. Humble Grumble's "Flanders Fields" and more recently "Guzzle It Up" both got released on Altrock.

The first release on Altrock was Yugen's "Labirinto d'Acqua" (2006). Driving force behind Yugen, was Altrock co-founder Francesco Zago.
In 2008, Francesco started Kurai, a project / ensemble that served as a counterweight to the adventurous and complex music of Yugen. The result got released on an album in 2009.
The list of musicians does include a couple of familiar names: Enrica Di Bastiano, Maurizio Fasoli, Giuseppe Olivini, Peter Schmid, Markus Stauss, Christian Weber and Francesco Zago, which leads to a chamber music setting: harp, piano, harpsichord, clarinet, saxophone, double bass and electric guitar.

Kurai, japanese for 'dark', does indeed present dark and floating soundscapes. The music does not sound unusual or does not make you feel uneasy. It is, however, touching and intriguing. And dark. Very dark.

Recommended listening.

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