Friday, July 26, 2013


The June issue of the Arf Dossier arrived a little while ago.
New, reviews, pictures, interviews and more : the Moo-Ah! festival, Zappa paintings, a flash-back to the early years of Zappanale, ...

the arf-dossier no.76  -  2013/06
* leserpost
* the hot platters heaven from the arf office by peter görs, andrew greenaway
* frank zappa paintings
* festival moo-ah! by andrew greenaway
* festival moo-ah! by steffen schindler
* news from belgium - live from United Mutations
* the fine but unauthorized cd kaleidoscope by burkhard schempp
* the vinyl bootleg releases by burkhard schempp
* die urmutter der zappanale * interview, teil 2 by volkmar mantei & peter görs

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