Saturday, June 1, 2013


Doctor Nerve finished their European Tour yesterday.
Celebrating their 30th anniversary, the band did eleven concerts performing in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark and Poland.
  • 21.5. Cairo, Jugendkulturhaus Würzburg, Germany
  • 22.5. Participating in "La noblesse à pris le visage du printemps"
  • 23.5. Le Triton, Paris, France
  • 24.5. Eisenwerkschänke Schwelm, Germany
  • 25.5. Cultuurhuis Heerlen, Holland
  • 26.5. Rider's Cafe, Lübeck, Germany
  • 27.5. Fundbureau Hamburg, Germany
  • 28.5. Jazz House, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 29.5. Pumpe, Rostock, Germany
  • 30.5. Club Hanseat, Salzwedel, Germany
  • 31.5. Mózg, Bydgoszcz, Poland
I was one of the happy few to attend the Heerlen gig. Friends in the audience and a favourite band on the stage. It was a perfect evening.

2013/05/25 Cultuurhuis Heerlen, Holland

* line-up
Leo Ciesa - drums, skins, Egil's bones * Nick Didkovsky - guitars, retro echoplex nostalgia * Yves Duboin - soprano sax, hearing threshold provocation * Rob Henke - trumpet, screaming ears *
Ben Herrington - extreme trombone * Jesse Krakow - electric bass, trout masks * Michael Lytle - contra/bass clarinet, chilling predawn calm * Kathleen Supové - massive keyboards, massive sampling, massive vocal rants
the audience : evelien, bas, eric, danny, inge, peter, chantal, tim, debby, daggie, petter and three germans

* setlist
set one : intro, Splinter, If You Were Me Right Now I'd Be Dead, Armed Observation, rhythms henke, Sister Cancer Brother Dollar, Nothing You Can Do Hurt Me, Beta 14 OK, Meta 01, Meta 04, She Closes Her Sister With Heavy Bones, Swallow The Neck Of The Guest Who Hisses When You Pass, lytle solo, Trash
set two : intro, Uses Probe Form, I Am Not Dumb Now (with conducted middle section), Spy Boy (with lyle opera middle section), yves solo, Riff 05, Preaching To The Converted
Armed Observation (a capella)

Besides listening to a breath-taking performance, the thing to remember was the audience participation during 'Meta 01'. We got treated to five different versions of 'Meta 01': the regular version, the one with half the band, an a capella version, an a capella version together with half of the audience, an a capella version by  half of the audience. Incredible.
The fact that there were only 14 people in the audience and that these were my friends turned the event into a very intemate gig. It was like having the band playing in your living room.
In short: this was fantastic. Musicwise as well as emotionally.
Thank you Daggie. Thank you Doctor Nerve. And thank you my friends.

Thanks to Bas for the video footage.

As it happens, an audience audio recording of the concert turned up at DimeADozen.

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