Sunday, June 23, 2013


Performance poet Corpernicus (real name Joseph Smalkowski) states that nothing exists, the esception being the subatomic level. Everything you see and hear is just an illusion.
Copernicus says:

You are not your body.

You are not your mind.
Your are not you.
There is no you.

In 'What Is Existence', he continues:

Existence means that there is the capacity to remain the same fromon moment to the next.

Nothing can remain the same from on moment to the next.
The atoms in your blood are spinning at the speed of light.
The atoms in your bones are spinning at the speed of light.

and he concludes:

Nothing can remain the same from one moemt to the next. Nothing exists. Nothing can exist. Nothing will ever exist.

Copernicus' lecture is accompanied by a(n answering) backing vocal and by free jazz / improvised music.

Contrary to Copernicus' previous albums, the music is much more prominent. Nice.

The album ends with Copernicus' statement that everything is worthless. After saying that everything is an illusion, he dictates:

I must live with the awareness that all human endeavor is probably worthless.

I like this. A Copernicus album asks for all your attention. The reward is a fine journey.

Out on Nevermore. Distributed by MoonJune Records.

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