Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Arf is an experimental rock trio from Switzerland. The band consists of Yanik Soland (bass), Flavio Gallacchi (drums) and Stefan Strittmatter (guitar).

Stefan Strittmatter's name should ring the proverbial bell as he's also the guitar player in FidoPlaysZappa, a band that already has released some fine albums and that made quite an impression at last year's Zappanale festival.
The Arf trio has also performed at Zappanale. July 2004. Still one of the best concerts that I saw in my Zappanale career.

And now there's "Arf And The Black Brainbow Machine". It's album number four and I'm happy to tell you that Arf is still kicking ass.
The music of Arf combines dense drumming, some terrific guitar playing, an unbelievable bass and some great vocals. I'm a fan.
Just take a look at the below videos and you can see / hear what I mean.

"Arf And The Black Brainbow Machine" is an impressive album. Love the artwork and the service manual. Great.

Recommended listening!!

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