Monday, June 29, 2009


ZAPPATiKA's Strictly Frankly Show hits the road this week in Holland

On Saturday 4th July ZAPPATiKA will play the first in their 2009-2010 series of Frank Zappa Musical Revue Shows which they aptly call STRICTY FRANKLY - a live album of the same name will be released in 2010....
The new show is over two hours long and consists 99% of FZ material ranging from WE ARE NOT ALONE, thru TITTIES N BEER, BLACK NAPKINS,CITY of TINY LITES,a little COZMIK DEBRIS, WATERMELON in EASTER HAY ,SLEEP DIRT,some DIRTY LOVE and a bit of SLIME and a good serving of TORTURE,all of this and much more Howie, all of this and more....

The band has just finished rehearsal of the new show and will perform the first show in the series on Saturday 4th July in Holland at THE RAMBLER, in Eindhoven ~
Dates in France(SEPT09) , Belgium/Holland (OCT09) ,Germany(OCT09) and the UK (NOV09) will be announced soon....

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