Saturday, January 18, 2020


Earlier today, I got a sneak peek of the new Z.E.R.O. album. It'll be released by the Cordelia Records label and should be out in about six weeks.

Sixteen tracks. 14 FZ pieces and two by Kevin Crosby.
Quite a lot of people contributed to this album. It's not just the familiar Z.E.R.O. crew (Kevin Crosby / Juliana Brandon / Ted Clifford / Rupert Kettle / Prairie Prince).
MagNiFZnt is present on a couple of tunes, as is Inventionis Mater, and Craig 'Twister' Steward, and the extended version of Tante Tofu, and Sandro Oliva (!!), and Fred Händl, and Joe Trump.
The result is an excellent Zappa tribute. Quite diverse, funny and beautiful.

The 1971 live arrangement of Who Are The Brain Police? gave me goosebumps. Again. Juliana Brandon. Wow !

Inner album artwork will use pictures of Bruce Bickford's clay art. Amazing.

Here's a completely different version of 'Who Are The Brain Police?", from the "Zero - Tolerance" album, from 2016.

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