Sunday, August 4, 2019


from the newsletter :

As ever, The Residents’ train continues to roll, and August 9th sees the release of their ‘God In Three Persons’ pREServed 3CD set, which is choc full, as usual, of related stuff – this time around there’s the instrumental OST version of the album, live recordings, singles and, most exciting of all, some demos and a previously unheard 23-minute piece entitled ‘Knot In A Million Years’. It’s must-hear stuff if you’re a fan of the original album. You may know the group are particularly keen on this record, and are currently bringing it to life as a stage show, which is something they’ve been hanging on to since 1988. So, y’know, stay up to speed and check it out.

Meanwhile, next up in the pREServed series, we’re delighted to confirm, will be two highly anticipated sets. Firstly, a 2CD 1971-1972 thing, which will include ‘The W***** B*** Album’, ‘B.S.’, three live recordings made during that period and some other related bits and pieces. You’re probably aware that ‘The W***** B*** Album’ and ‘B.S.’ were released as Record Store Day only titles over the last couple of years, but this is the first time on CD for both. Something of a bumper 2-fer about that one! And, drumroll…. we’re also pleased to confirm that a 2CD ‘Not Available’ set will be along at the same time. It took a while, and The Residents took some persuading, but eventually they dug those multitrack tapes out and dove into that material as it was before Ralph Records broke trust, re-processed it and turned it into ‘Not Available’ in 1978. So there’s an entire disc of previously unreleased stuff on there, some of it familiar (but different) and plenty of it never-before-heard. Personal favourites are ‘Where To Begin?’, ‘Theme From X’, ‘Fairly Well’ and ‘Love Sprong’, but that’s just us. Along with sleeve notes that try to explain what the hell was going on with that album, its paradigm-shifting stuff, honestly. Not to be missed.

Meanwhile, the group are busy with their next surefire hit album, the ‘Dyin’ Dog’ project. Word is things are almost-but-not-quite in the can, and there’ll soon be news of tracklist, formats and so on. We’ve heard some of it, and have struggled to let go of a couple of the tunes ever since. Some of the record will be familiar to those of you who came along to the ‘In Between Dreams’ tour too. Who could forget ‘Die! Die! Die!’ being screamed at a room full of people hoping they’ll play ‘Santa Dog’ at some point?

As ever, there’s more, and there’ll be more of these missives. Tell a friend, share the love and just try to enjoy the ride. Until next time….

Your Pals,
New Ralph Too

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