Friday, April 13, 2018


Started in the early eighties by Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston and Bunk Gardner, The Grandmothers have gone through various line-ups and incarnations.
During one or their most recent tours, November 2014, The Grandmothers recorded the concert that they did in Bremen, Germany. Next to the ever-present Don Preston, Bunk Gardner (and Christopher Garcia !!), the line-up included Eric Klerks on bass and vocals and Max Kutner on guitar and vocals.
It's great to have this concert available as on official release, especially since the Grandmothers will be starting their final tour in about a week.
Sure, Don and Bunk are in their seventies and they don't play as fluent as they used to, but the emotional / historical aspect plus the excellent performance by Chris, Eric and Max make up for that.
Love it.

On their final tour, Chris, Don and Bunk will be joined by Ed Mann.
Let's hope they bring a guitar and bass player along as well.

The Grandmothers Of Invention

22 Apr 2018  The Underworld London United Kingdom
23 Apr 2018  The Robin 2 Bilston United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018  Band on the Wall Manchester United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018  Nieuwe Nor Heerlen Netherlands
26 Apr 2018  Blue Notez Dortmund Germany
27 Apr 2018  Paradox Tilburg Netherlands
28 Apr 2018  Jazzclub Nordhausen Nordhausen Germany
29 Apr 2018  Stadttheater Landsberg Germany
01 May 2018  Blue Note Milano Italy
02 May 2018  Burghof Lörrach Lörrach Germany
03 May 2018  Kammgarn Schaffhausen Switzerland
04 May 2018  Mühle Hunziken Rubigen Switzerland
05 May 2018  Treibhaus Innsbruck Austria
06 May 2018  Kino Siska Lublijana Slovenia
07 May 2018  Porgy & Bess Wien Austria
08 May 2018  Metro Music Bar Brno Czech Republic
09 May 2018  Lucerna Music Bar Prague Czech Republic
10 May 2018  Quasimodo Berlin Germany
11 May 2018  Beta Copenhagen Denmark
12 May 2018  John Dee Oslo Norway
13 May 2018  Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm Sweden
22 Jul 2018  Zappanale Bad Doberan Germany

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