Sunday, April 2, 2017


In my world, RSP stands for The Rudy Schwartz Project (or Raymond Scott if you insist).
Whenever The Rudy Schwartz Project releases a new album, my eyebrows go up. Every new RSP release is always good for some excellent musical enjoyment (and for a lot of laughs as well).

"Tango Lesson In A Fascist Whorehouse" presents 19 tracks, most of which are original compositions. With titles like 'It's Time For Trump', 'Hamburger' and 'Nice Action Out The Backisde', one should understand that RSP doesn't avoid any topics.

Expect oriental twists, zappa-esque lyrics and rhythm changes, a sniff of polka, some exotica and loads of musical references and crazy sounds.

Here's 'Nice Action Out The Backside', about a certain Donald's Moscow adventure...

There's lots of great stuff on this album.
One of my favourite tracks is RPS' rendition of "Oriental Illusions", composed by Bob Nolan and originally performed by Slim Lamar and his Southerners in the 1920's !!

The message from RSP :
It's album release day chez Schwartz. Waldo is leaving ham and dessicated pig entrails in places like sock drawers and Pringles cans. All of the children are smiling, the sky is made of cotton candy, and there are two for one corn dogs at Barbecue Bud's.It's impossible to find an imaginary parking place anywhere near the imaginary Amazon and iTunes brick and mortar shops, where imaginary Edison cylinders are eagerly purchased by people wearing lavender bowler hats.

Download available from iTunes or from Amazon.

Highly recommended !

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