Sunday, March 26, 2017


Released in 2016 as a download album and more recently as on CD, "Needle In The Tone Arm" is The Tone Stonies second album.
No original compositions on this disc, but one does get an excellent set of classic rock songs. Excellent versions, if I may say so.

  1. rocks off (m.jagger, k.richards)
  2. women vs men (david byrne)
  3. friday on my mind (g.vanda, g.young)
  4. i am waiting (m.jagger, k.richards)
  5. i'm gonna booglarize you (baby) (d.van vliet)
  6. it ain't me babe (b.dylan)
  7. heroin (l.reed)
  8. journey to the center of mind (s.farmer, t.nugent)
  9. these boots are made for walking (l.hazlewood)
  10. take your clothes off when you dance (f.zappa)

Talking Heads' 'Women vs Men" includes Sade's 'Why Can't We Live Together', Donnie Vliet's 'I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby' presents superb vocals with the roaring guitar, Lee Hazlewood's 'Boots' gets a slow version with a great bass line, and FZ's 'Take Your Clothes Off' gets a teen bop surf make-over.
Love it.

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