Monday, March 27, 2017


Stanley Jason Zappa was special guest at Zappanale in 2008.

The above picture was taken by Kilissa Cissoko at the Zappanale Festival at 2 a.m., late on Saturday night (or very early on Sunday morning): Stanley Jason Zappa and Elliott Levin got on stage for some high energy free jazz.

More recently, Stanley J. Zappa teamed up with Jooklo duo (Virginia Genta and David Vanzan).
The new trio is called Jooklo Zappa, and they will be touring Europe soon.

Stanley J. Zappa: soprano sax, alto clarinet
Virginia Genta: sopranino sax, Bb clarinet
David Vanzan: percussions

MAY 06: TROGLOFESTA, Case del Vento, Chiesuola di Russi (RA), Italy
MAY 12: Het Bos Antwerp, Belgium
MAY 13: In De Ruimte Gent, Belgium
MAY 14: Rumsteek Oui Rumsteek, Bruxelles, Belgium
MAY 15: Venue TBA Paris
MAY 17: Nouveau Garage, St Julian, France
MAY 18: Le Périscope, Lyon, France
MAY 19: Circuit centre d'art contemporain - Lausanne, Switzerland
MAY 20: Fri Art - Centre d'art de Fribourg / Kunsthalle Freiburg, Switzerland
MAY 21: La Cave 12, Geneve, Switzerland
MAY 23: KROCH, Stockholm / Sweden / Finland
MAY 24: Mental Alaska at Hard Rock House, Helsinki, Finland
MAY 25: Mayhem Kbh, Copenhagen, Denmark
MAY 26: West Germany Venue, Berlin, Germany
MAY 27: Kaiola festibala, Galdakao, Basque Country
MAY 28: Fanfulla, Rome, Italy

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