Sunday, October 11, 2015


German quartet Drei Vom Rhein has recently released their sixth album, "Francesco".
I picked up a copy of "Francesco" shortly after their astonishing Zappanale concert. At the Zappanale festival, the band performed an all Zappa set, except for one piece, a Zappa tribute called 'Francesco'.

On their latest album, DvR presents a number of original tunes next to a fine section of Zappa-penned compositions. It's a fine mixture. I really like the original tunes (all written by guitar player Werner Neumann), but what these guys do to the Zappa stuff is absolutely terrific.
As the album title suggests, one can also find the Zappa tribute 'Francesco' on this disc.

Essential listening for Zappa freaks.

Here's a live rendition of 'Small Blues', also to be found on "Francesco".

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