Saturday, March 2, 2013


Rubatong performed at the Plusetage in Baarle Nassau, NL, 2013/02/23. They would / should have played there two years ago already, but due to sickness the concert got cancelled (or should I say postponed).
The quartet played material from their (excellent) eponymous first album and also included the two tracks that have been released on 7" more recently.

I loved this. Word artist, vocalist and experimentalist Han Buhrs never dissapoints; René van Barneveld played some fine guitar (love that slide !!); and Tatiana Koleva on percussion and Luc Ex on bass provided the unmistakable pulsating rhythm.
The highlight, however, was the interaction of the musicians. That's what made the train running.

If you can catch Rubatong in concert, you should go & see them.

The band released one album and one 7". You definitely need to check these out.
Recommended listening !

This 7" is also available as a free / donation download over at the Luc Ex website:

René van Barneveld  -  Han Buhrs  -  Tatiana Koleva  -  Luc Ex

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