Monday, September 27, 2010


a message from Domenico Solazzo:

On monday 4th october, PaNoPTiCoN will go to Saint Ghislain in order to present their craft in improvising music. We will play at the PASSÉ SIMPLE, 34 Place Albert Elisabeth, at around 9:00pm.
Expected musicians will include Olivier Catala (bass), Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (sopranino and bariton), Antoine Guenet (keyboards), Daniel Wang (guitar), and my poor self.

Appointment will be taken on saturday 30th october while the band will participate to the opening of the new THÉÂTRE LE CUBERDON, 99 Boulevard Lemonnier in Brussels.
Many bands will be playing during the all week-end, from friday to sunday, but we will be expecting you only on saturday at 6:00pm with an exceptionnal one hour set which will see me evolving in the pleasant company of the following musicians :
Antoine Guenet (keyboards), Iris Thissen (cello) et Marijn Thissen (viola)

I'll keep you posted later on to announce further forthcoming releases and shows, which will lead us at least up to february 2011 !

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