Monday, October 12, 2009


here's a message from Mike:

Dethklok! - Scambot Pre-Ordering! - New MyKeneally Tour!

October 10 2009: Wow! The entire traveling caravan for the Dethklok/Mastodon tour has just pulled into Denver about four hours late, having been massively delayed en route from Salt Lake City by exciting, nasty icy road conditions. Will we get the show up on time tonight? Who knows?
I do know that I thought last night's gig in Utah was awesome, best of the tour so far, at least from my perspective, and that the tour has been wonderful. Also happy that the new Dethklok album has topped the first-week sales of the debut, and appears to have "legs," as they say in the leg business. I'm having a great time out here, very grateful to be out here Klokking again for y'alls.

Also tremendously freaking grateful at the first wave of pre-orders for Scambot 1. Thank you! We are nearly into the manufacturing phase, having completed the artwork this week, and still feel that we'll comfortably be able to begin shipping the album to you by Thanksgiving. Again, your pre-orders help us hugely in getting the album manufactured, so thank you thank you, and if you haven't pre-ordered yet, I think that you consider doing so either right this moment, or later tonight or tomorrow afternoon when you have a little time to spare.

I'm keeping this short, but in closing I want to remind you that Bryan Beller and I will be doing another My Keneally tour, this time starting on the West Coast, beginning January 18th. If you want to host a Keneally/Beller performance around that time, suggest songs for us to play and generally be our pal, please write to and we'll make it be so!



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