Sunday, May 29, 2016


I mentioned Jon Davis' Zhongyu project a couple of weeks ago, but this album does need some extra attention, so here we go.
Jon Davis has been making music since the 70's. He also lived in Beijing for three years. The music that he creates, combines elements from the Rock in Opposition movement, from progressive rock and jazz, but also from Asian music. The result is amazing.

For Zhongyu, Jon Davis teamed up with three members of Moraine (Dennis Rea on the guitar, Alicia DeJoeie on electric violin, and James DeJoie on sax, flute and clarinet). Adding jazz drummer Randy Doak completed the quintet.

The album has been released on the MoonJune Records label, and the info that they add for this release nails it:
"Zhongyu is a band that aims to balance the opposites of music: composition and improvisation, serenity and chaos, harmony and dissonance, complexity and simplicity, acoustic and electric."

I like the fact that "Zhongyu" translates as "Finally" as it took Jon Davis quite a bit of effort to get this music performed. I'm glad he succeeded.
A beautiful album.
It needs your attention.
Recommended listening.

Out on MoonJune Records

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