Sunday, September 28, 2014


a message from Zap Mcinnes :

24 Sept.2014 -

Zap Mcinnes : "following a little suggestion from one certain Mr Ike Willis,after completion of a very nice tour earlier this year, we ZAPPATiKA'ns have been hot on the search for "the right guy with the right fingers" to join our merry band on tour merry highway to certain Hell !

Well, now we finally gots 'im ,my precious !
Meet FRED HANDL ,a writer,critic,philosopher and of course,damn fine pianist who hails from The Hague in The Netherlands.

Fred is a through and through Zappa Freak and has long been working with Franks' music. He is actually currently arranging a whole album of FZ scores rearranged for Solo Piano !

Fred and the chaps are hard at it in the Rehearsal Room and he will hopefully be ready to join the band on stage later this year.

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