Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Recovering from Anton And The Headcleaners’ fabulous concert, I only caught a bit of Dasch2.
It sounded great.
Here’s Bazbo’s recording of one of their pieces.

After shaking hands with Reinhard Preuss again (after 20 years !) and checking out Freak Show Charlie’s Corner, it was time for the Dangerous Kitchen band.
Loved those vocals. If you ever want to start a band to perform Zappa’s music, keep it instrumental, unless you’ve got a vocalist like Holger Auer, that is.

'Montana' by Dangerous Kitchen, recorded by Luuk.

Next up was Ali N. Askin's band. On the small stage.
This was fabulous. After a couple of notes, I thought I was listening to Miles Davis' electric band, or to Weather Report. Superb!

Ali N. Askin: keyboard, compositions
Falk Breitkreuz: bass clarinet, soprano sax
Michael Weilacher: percussion
Eric Schaefer: drums and electronics
Oliver Potratz: double bass, electric bass

It Used to Start with a Volcano Loop * Piece #1 * Pinguins on TV * Welcome Back to Palestine * Ana's CV * Francis * Call of Beauty * Car Chase in the Desert

Another fine recording by Luuk.


I loved it and there were still two concerts to come.

Sebkha Chott had to do their show without Ike Willis, who had not been able to leave the u.s.a. due to a problem with his passport.
Too bad as they were performing the entire "Thing-Fish" opera. And just to show that things can always get worse, there were some major problems with the microphones that postponed the start of the concert with about half an hour...
Once that it had started, all of this was soon forgotten as the show was great. Out of this world. Best thing I saw all day.
I'm not saying that this was the best sounding concert, musically, but it sure was the best show.
Hard to believe that this was a one-time event.

The evening ended with Fried Dahn And The Brains at the Mystery Stage. From what I saw and heard while I was leaving the festival ground, they used Zappa speech samples and pictures during their concert. I was completely saturated and left.
What a day...

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